Artist Statement

My current work, Inbetween, is a series of large scale drawings/paintings that addresses the
notion of the everyday as monumental. In the work, I am seeking the impossible, if poetic,
notion that there are visual places between and at the intersection of two very different and
independent views. Just as Paul Klee takes a line for a walk, Julie Mehretu mines architectural
and cultural data to inform her work, and Matthew Ritchie uses a cacophony of scientific
information to create his work, I am mapping the everyday and visualizing it through a
combination of painting and drawing. Walks, anomalies and happenings that occur throughout
my day become a part of the images I create through a series of processes involving chance,
observation, and intention that lead to a new visual spaceā€¦one that is between the two original
spaces. For instance, outside my hotel window, starts as a contour drawing that I adapted
from the view outside my window in a New York hotel and outside my bedroom window starts
out as a drawing of the view from my bedroom window. The mashing of these two images
through the process of the drawings/paintings creates two new images derived from the
comparison. The original drawings morph through a process of pouring and mixing. I trace the
liquid lines, chasing the edges while creating new lines in the process in some hope of capturing
the original image. My current word to understand this is reclamation. I feel like I am
rehabilitating the line through manipulation, control, freedom, and observation. The new shapes
become both a spontaneous and controlled amalgamation of the exploration. The media I use
for this process are marker and acrylic paint on terraskin or rock paper.