Around The Studio

Around the studio, is a series of drawings of everyday objects from my walks combined with experiments in the studio. These line drawings are based on my walkmuse blog that explored my walk to and from my studio while doing my MFA at the University of Windsor. My focus in these drawings is in trying to capture the experience of my everyday existence in the form of abstractions through colour, line, and experimentation.

In The Cafe

In the Cafe are specific impressions of moments spent drawing and working in Cafés. The drawings are spontaneous expressions of my surroundings and the objects and people that are part of that perception.

The Story Goes On

the story goes on... is a series of large paintings that depict how the LGBTQ community gathers. My motivation for painting these group portraits is to explore the perceptual experience of simultaneously belonging and not belonging in society. The space that I paint the community gatherings in becomes an abstracted and deconstructed interior where the participants are both inside and outside of the gathering place. Building the composition becomes a layered and accumulative experience where the identities of the participants become enmeshed with my own perceptions of the event, creating a new narrative.

Couples Portraits

The couple’s portraits are experiential depictions of same-sex couples. The idea for these paintings stems from watching the “It Gets Better” campaign on YouTube where individuals and couples share their stories as a way to communicate with others in the LGBTQ community and to offer encouragement and support. Through interviews and photographs the paintings reflect my interaction with the participants, their surroundings and the impressions of our meeting.